Flavio Ungaro is today’s guest and he is a very special one. His life story is that of a professional athlete, turned businessman, and an illustration of the challenges of the game both inside and outside the lines. We are entertained and live vicariously through their performance on the playing field. Their successes and failures are there for all to see. Less visible and understood are the factors that matter the most in achieving the competitive edge. He was born and grew up in Italy, played professional basketball for 9 years then coached for another 4 years. Drawing on lessons learned from both his successes and failures on and off the field as a professional athlete, he holds a Masters Degree in Mental Preparation for Top Performers and is now CEO of the Mentally Fit Institute for Latin America. This is a global company applying lessons learned from sports and how top performers achieve the competitive edge.


He says, “I Have lost, I have been benched, I have choked multiple times during my career. Fortunately, a fisherman, a soldier and a basketball player taught me the secret of success: the greatest of all capacities is to learn from what happens to you so you can make it happen the way you want.”


In today’s episode you will learn:

-About the skill-set necessary for the business person to succeed today in a hyper-competitive business environment.

-How individual performers, teams and entire organizations and companies have similar, yet different skill-set requirements

-About the 7 Sources of Human Energy that must be addressed in order to truly master the competitive edge

-About the MBA degree and is it enough in today’s hyper-competitive business environment for the ambitious young business person?

-How choking and stress-related performance failure is a common hazard for all, even for sales people and executives and how to adopt techniques to combat it.

-About the parallels between the game inside and outside the lines for the athlete and the business person

-The importance of EQ as distinct from the IQ and how the EQ is so important in business.


There are many valuable lessons in this episode, and I know you will find it helpful in your own life and career.&

Check out this episode!