Exiting the A.S.A.P. Lane with Alan Podcast Show

Forsake the false wizards and exit the A.S.A.P Lane with ALAN STEELMAN! Alan’s mission, as he describes it, is to create a viral spread of the message that there is an exit from the anxious, stressed, addicted, and pressured (A.S.A.P.) lives that many helplessly endure today.

A new adventure off this hectic roller coaster is presented, focused on the “unconverted”, including non-traditional yoga practitioners: Men, seniors, African-Americans, Hispanics, and younger generations (kids/teens/college students).

Pills, alcohol, food, obsessive shopping, and obsessive use of digital devices are all “false wizards”. Just as the Wizard of Oz turned out to be such a disappointing pretender, these health and life-destroying coping substances and mechanisms are failing on their promise of a sustained healthy and happy path for anyone.

Alan has a positive message: There is good news! There is an Exit Ramp!

He gives you powerful, funny, and practical insights on HOW TO ESCAPE THE CLUTCHES OF YOUR OWN FALSE WIZARDS.

If you feel you that no one like you does yoga and meditates, you will hear interviews with people just like you who have also discovered the magic in a practice of mindfulness, plus practical applications showing not only that you can do it, but also how to do it, making your own exit from the destructive A.S.A.P. Lane!