Today’s program is about our “biggest bully”, the one thing that can handicap us for life—our self-limiting beliefs–those voices in our mind that are constantly sabotaging our dreams and hopes for a better life. These often come from events in life when someone expressed a very negative opinion about us, or said something really demeaning that we have internalized and has become a part of our accepted life narrative . These toxic beliefs, which afflict us all, telling us we’re not worthy, we’re not enough, and how our dreams are all way too grandiose for someone of our limited skill and ability. These crippling beliefs affect both men and women, but, seem to be particularly acute among women and what a powerful guest for this topic and today’s show. Follow her guidance and you can KO that bully and bring new energy, purpose, and balance to your life.


Jacqueline Hayes is a three-time author, motivational speaker, and empowerment consultant. Jacqueline helps women to achieve leverage and self-confidence while instilling in them passion, focus and commitment. Her professionalism and firsthand experience have been the sources of her deep knowledge, insight, direction, and understanding of issues in the corporate world, as well as the ability to impart people with excellence.

Jacqueline leverages her wealth of experience of over 20 years in human resources and talent management in major industries – healthcare, telecommunications, and technology, with her fascination with human behavior, to connect with people on every level and to empower them towards achieving greatness. Jacqueline has three breathtaking books to her

credit; “Unfolding: A Woman’s Journey,” “You Are Enough: A Guide to Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Acceptance,” and “Blossom: Discover the Beautiful Flower Within” – all available on Amazon. Her focus is geared towards living well, hence, she offers the wonderful gift of making you believe in your innate special and unique abilities. Jacqueline is also passionate about enjoying life and making the world a better place. She is committed to her mission of seeing others blossom and fulfill their potential.


On this podcast episode, Jackie will elaborate on each of these questions below:


-You say “Many women waste their time defining themselves

through the eyes of others. They are looking for answers

to questions that must come from within. They are seeking

acceptance and approval from individuals who do not have

the power or insight to give them such information.”


–You say in one of your books, “I don’t allow these people to invade my personal space with these opinions. Yet, Jackie as you know, it takes a special form of resilience and self-confidence to execute this reaction in real life. How should someone learn to adopt this technique.


–Please describe your 5 Powerful Ways to nurture your mind, body and spirit?


-It’s noteworthy that you mention mind first. The prevailing attitude and practice among most is to focus on body first and many of the limiting beliefs relate to body image issues, correct?


–Describe what you mean by “life-intentional thinking and how mindfulness plays into this?


–Please describe the monkey mind and some of the effective meditation practices that you recommend?

–You make a big point about positive self-talk and self-instruction, is “journaling” a big part of this?

–When you say “love yourself, take care of your temple, are you referring body, mind and spirit?

–Please describe what you mean by a “heart tune-up”

–You’ve described the benefits of meditation and some effective methods, and you describe 5 ways to calm down, de-stress and reset. In addition to meditation, what are the others?

–With regard to women’s empowerment in particular, please elaborate on what the characteristics of an empowered woman are?

–Are women generally tougher on each other than they should be? What do you mean by “I support my sister”?

–Okay, let’s close with your overall umbrella theme, “You are enough” Please elaborate on healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness, and no more excuses, own your power”

I want to thank you, Jackie for taking the time to be with us today. This is such an important topic, and you have given us a full recipe of practical techniques that can be adopted in our own lives, so with that, we will close and look forward to seeing you on the next episode of Exiting the A.S.A.P. Lane.

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