Because our self-limiting beliefs play such a large and crippling role in the lives of all of us, this episode continues on the theme begun in earlier episodes of learning how to deprogram that continuous tape that is constantly running in our heads with all of the “reasons why not”, all the reasons why we are allowing our dreams and plans to get too far ahead of our actual abilities.


She is the CEO and host of the highly popular PenniZ Show and she focuses on the most important self-help topic of all: KOing that bully in our mind who is constantly saying to us things like, “you can’t do that, or you don’t have the ability for that, or you don’t have the experience for that, or you’re too young or too old for that, and the list could go on and on. That voice has an almost endless list of self-limiting beliefs that get hard-wired into our heads and can cripple us for life if not confronted head-on.


Her personal story is an inspiring one. After her own epiphany, her own “Eureka” moment. Penni realized that her success as a real estate “fixer-upper” focusing on the rehabilitation of residential properties was rewarding her financially, but, that she was feeling the tug of a higher calling—the rehabilitation of personal lives and more specifically these self-limiting beliefs that prevent so many from leading lives of purpose and meaning. Thoreau, in his iconic classic On Walden Pond, said “most men lead lives of quiet desperation and die with their song still inside them”.


The slogan of her own show, the PenniZ show is that “We activate personal transformations in people whose goal is to play on a bigger stage and become the very best version of themselves”..

On this podcast episode, Penni will elaborate on each of these questions and issues below:

–You have said that not only are “we enough, but, we are more than enough”. If this belief could get hardwired into the mind of each of us, what a world-changer that would be, please elaborate?

–What a novel concept of applying the concept of “fixing up” real estate properties to “fixing up” lives. Tell us about your personal life journey and how this epiphany came about? Did it come about due to a personal struggle or because you were struggling yourself with a lot of “you can’t do this and you can’t do that”

–What are the most common self-perceived inadequacies that you see in those who come to you for help or call into your show.

–What is the happiness button that you refer to?

–There’s a saying that “none of us ever get out of high school”, meaning that the “hard wiring” of so much that defines the rest of our lives comes from our teen years when there’s so much drama that really amounts to nothing but, seems so big at the time. Do you find this to be true?

–Do you see any significant difference between men and women and the challenge that must be met in order to rewire their minds and get them to see that “they are more than enough”?

–The central message of the Wizard of Oz is really the same as yours, isn’t it, and that is that we have within already everything we need, correct?

I know that all of our listeners will enjoy, but, more importantly, benefit by Penni’s own life journey and the guidance she is able to provide as a consequence of that.

Check out this episode!