Today’s guest is special and very unique in several respects. Her message and her life story will inspire us to work together using her #UsToo approach –Her mission is to reduce stereotyping and improve inclusion for business and classroom success.


My guest today is Debjani Biswas, a two time TEDx and keynote speaker, an internationally bestselling author and an influential and powerful voice in bringing a message to both men and women about the business impact of inclusion and respect in the workplace.


She has a unique combination of executive and corporate experience with 20+ years at PepsiCo and Texas Instruments etc., and education. She is a Chemical Engineer from IIT, an MBA, and an MS in Organizational Strategy. She is currently the CEO and Founder of Coachieve, LLC, providing inclusion and leadership solutions globally.  An ‘Exclusion Exterminator’, she delivers impactful keynotes to corporate and conference audiences on the business value of inclusion. She is the 2017 GDAACC Award in Journalism winner and a 2013 NAPW ‘Woman of the Year’.


She is walking, talking example of the adage, “one door closes and another opens”, and I will ask her to elaborate on that later in the program.


She embarked on a journey of self-discovery in 2012, transforming herself from corporate executive into internationally bestselling author, TEDx and keynote speaker and trusted advisor for CEOs and leaders. ‘Unleash the Power of Diversity’ was selected by Barnes & Noble stores (2014 US B&N Book Tour). “Miserably Successful No More’ was ranked #1 in Amazon in the US for its category and is an international bestseller. She serves on the Board of her Engineering organization IIT-NT and TiE Dallas (where she leads a Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum). She is regularly featured in the media as a diversity expert (ESPN, CBS, iHeart Radio, DMN etc.). Her groundbreaking and original frameworks are being utilized in over 20 countries.


Her recent TEDx talk Common Ground on Gender Bias just crossed 57,000 views in less than a month! Please go to Youtube to watch, like and comment on this powerful TEDx talk and help bridge the global gender gap.


In this episode, you will learn:

-How the age-old adage, “one door closes another one opens” has led her to places she never envisioned before and to this place of being such an influential voice on this very important global issue of inclusion across culture, gender and generation.

-About the very inspiring part of her life journey – how she was able to succeed as a female engineer – as explained in her TEDx talk ‘Common Ground on Gender Bias’ with the help of her family.

-About gender roles and how they can become lifelong self-limiting beliefs.

-About the importance of emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills and how critical they are for workplace success.

-About her international best-selling book, Miserably Successful No More, and what is meant by the title?


I know that you will be inspired by this incredible life journey of someone who, after being laid off 7 short years ago is now a successful role model for ‘Grit, Gravitas and Grace’


That’s all for this one and I will see you on the Yellow Brick Road next week.

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