Briana Bragg is today’s guest and her life story is an inspiring one, especially for all those living and competing in the A.S.A.P. Lane. She is the CEO and Founder of two businesses. You will notice that I didn’t add “for all those thriving in the A.S.A.P. Lane” Briana’s story is one of striving and succeeding as a young visionary and entrepreneur, yet, like so many burning out and finding the drain on body, mind and spirit crippling and debilitating.


Taking a vacation and traveling to some exotic locale is something we all have done or aspire to do. This provides a break from life in the digital age that is so anxious and stressful, and so much so, that too many can’t cope without self-medicating with substances that are self-destructive and increasingly fatal.


Deaths from opioids and suicide are at all-time highs, and it was announced recently that alcohol-related deaths exceeded both opioids and suicide. As our listeners know, the theme of this show is how to exit life in the A.S.A.P. Lane—a life of anxiety, stress, addiction and pressure.


Like so many, she will tell us how her life has been changed by adopting a practice of mindfulness into her life. The dark side of success for many, which goes unseen, is the toll and indeed physical and emotional burnout that can be the price one pays. She will tell us how, in spite of all the outward signs of “having it all” she was dealing with chronic pain and depression. Using “false wizards” weren’t an option for her, and she will tell us how she dealt with the dark side.


Briana lives in Chicago. She is a mindfulness expert who shares why everyone can meditate and the importance of meditation for the entrepreneur. She knows the anxiety that comes with running your own business and she will give you ways to combat it.


In this episode you will learn:

-How we can all go on a vacation of the mind at anytime.

-Techniques to deal with and manage the “daily chaos” of life

-How to calm the “monkey mind” we are all born with.

-A 3 step process, on how we can take this “vacation of the mind” at any time.

-For the beginner, her blue or purple balloon method to help cope with the wandering mind.

-The science behind meditation.

-The importance of “slowing the game down” for top performers.


It is Briana’s desire and life’s mission to impact others for positive change. To learn more about Briana and her work, please see below:

Website: https://www.vacationofthemind.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VacationoftheMind
Twitter: https://www.instagram.com/VacationoftheMind

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