Well, I bet that show title got your attention! Today’s show is a special one both for the subject and for the guest and his life journey. The life-long quest we all have for what we usually call “happiness” is really something much deeper and fundamental. What we really mean is not “ha-ha” happiness, but, peace of mind and the ability to live in the present without the constant ruminations about mistakes of the past and worries about tomorrow. We, as humans are body, mind and spirit. In the west, yoga and meditation are generally seen as activities meant to improve physical balance, strength, balance and mobility. Little understood and discussed is the connection between the ruminations of the mind and the spirit—the unseen and invisible life force.

My guest today, is Don Drake, the head of Community Outreach at Unity Church of Dallas. His personal life story is compelling. Before his entry to West Point as a cadet, he and his brothers and his mother had endured years of verbal and physical abuse from his father. His PTSD, in spite of his military career didn’t come from combat in some foreign land, but, from this violent family environment. He credits his ex-wife with literally saving his life by introducing him to a mindfulness practice. In his post-military life he was very successful in business. After getting his MBA, he spent a number of years in banking and oil and gas, including serving as both CFO and CEO of companies. Athletes today have to manage the game inside the lines—the playing field and the increasingly noisy life outside the lines where your performance is evaluated and criticized endlessly on social media and talk radio. Less visible is the game outside the lines that have to be managed by the business or career person in today’s digital age. Don was highly successful in his business career, but as you will see today, a mental mess outside the lines: angry, depressed, and still suffering from the traumas of his childhood. k

Welcome to Exiting the A. S.A.P. Lane with Special Guest Don Drake


  • At the risk of contributing to the mistaken idea that yoga and meditation is a religion, please summarize as a starter what you mean by “The Yoga of Jesus”, because I grew up in a Baptist family who went to church twice on Sunday, prayer meeting on Wednesday nights, vacation bible school and tent revival meetings in the summer, and I have to confess, I never heard that Jesus did yoga?
  • His journey from abusive childhood, to West Point to highly successful business career, yet a dark side and how you have now found what you think is your true calling. Please elaborate
  • Success inside the lines won’t silence the monkey
  • Spirit and how a stressed mind prevents the fruits of the spirit
  • Mindfulness is a minister’s best friend
  • Meditation and prayer
  • When the mind is blind, the eyes cannot see
  • Trauma gave you self-limiting beliefs?


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